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"I would fall out into the night"

So, LJ, it's been a while. How have you been? No, don't answer that - I've been watching. You know, casually...not really. I've been reading my flist this whole time, but's gotten a bit away from me. Well, posting has. I've really kept up with everyone's posts though! It's easy as no one posts anymore.

Lots has been going on for me, but not a lot of it is very exciting. Gained weight, lost it again, hoping to keep/finish losing (down to the last 9lbs to my goal!) Doing well at the bank, getting pretty good hours these days, there's a newer-than-me new girl who is 18 and talks like it, getting along really well with everyone else. Made a present for my grandparents that the frame shop put onto their website (which I would link to if I could find it, but I can't so here's a picture of it in the hoop instead), and got a strangely heartfelt response from my grandfather afterward. I'm working on getting myself together to buy a car. I already found where I can buy a BPRD sticker to put on it. I read all of the Hunger Games books, which I then forced on my brother, mother, and now sister. I also read Dune for the first time, and am reading some short stories to steel myself for Wise Man's Fear (finally). After that, I think it'll be time to buckle down and finish Feast for Crows, then tackle Dance with Dragons. I designed a cross-stitch pattern for the Bene Gesserit Litany Against Fear, which I hope to stitch for whoever has a baby first. Or if I meet a Dune superfan soon? Ballet class, which I can't remmeber if I mentioned when it started, is going really well, and it's honestly my favorite part of my week. A couple of the ladies and I are thinking of picking up a Sunday morning class in Chicago at the Joffrey, and I am WAY excited about that. I bought mangoes for the first time ever today and made a mango-banana-honey smoothie thing. It was delicious.

I think that stream-of-conciousness wall-o'-text about covers it..? OH! Except a couple of friends and I are working on a podcast for/by lady nerds, so I hope that once we get it off the ground you'll stop by and give us a listen! We're smart and funny, I promise! The episode we did today is about the Hunger Games, but also World War Z, George Martin, and probably Star Wars. Because there's always Star Wars. I shouldn't tell you now, but we have a baby blog up already (none of our episodes are ready for listening yet, sorry!) - if you wanted to sneak by and leave a comment or two, let us know what you might want to hear about from us, I'm sure I won't get in too much trouble. We're at We'll have a prettier domain name later, we hope, but that's it for now. You didn't hear it from me, okay?
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