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"When everything is wrong I dance inside your mind"

Sooooooo, great. I got a letter today telling me I didn't get the Maurice's job - they must have posted it pretty much immediately. It looks pretty bad, honestly, since there were at least 3 jobs open there, and it's been less than a week since I actually interviewed. Just what I needed after having a hard time at the gym, and then being chastised for not bringing up the trash and recycle bins when I came in (I had the mail and the newspapers instead, along with my purse and gym bag). When I pointed out that my sister could have gotten them when she came home (with nothing but her purse, and before I even left), her response was, "I wasn't at that end of the driveway." Our driveway is not long. It's not quite 4 car-lengths from curb to garage door. So obviously it was too much to even consider going ALL THE WAY down and bringing the bins ALL THE WAY up while otherwise unencumbered. And OBVIOUSLY I should have taken care of it, since I already park so close to them, never mind that she hadn't bothered to get the mail or the papers, in which case I would have brought them up. But it's also okay to whine about how lazy Nick is for his approach to the painting he's supposed to do this week.

Ugh today sucks. Can I have a do-over? Preferably one where they call me to tell me I have a job? Maybe this is all just a huge cosmic sign that I really should move back to NOLA, even though I kind of don't want to anymore. There's obviously no jobs here. Then again, I have no idea how many resumés I sent out to NOLA postings when I was looking there, and got exactly zero responses. So there's probably no jobs for me there, either. So I'd just be hemorraging money and being unbearably hot all the time, as opposed to constantly belittled and criticized in what should be a supportive home environment. My choices are awesome. I hate everything.
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